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The Shades Of Blue


"The Shades of Blue put on a great show!"
Tony Testa (The Duprees)

"The Shades of Blue sounded great singing one of my favorite songs, "Oh How Happy!"
Bowzer (Jon Bauman Productions)

"I liked The Shades of Blue's performance. I will be working with them again!"
Norman Wasserman (Friend Entertainment)

"The Shades of Blue are one of the best groups out there today. They are excellent singers and great people to work with."
Marty Conn (Marty Conn Enterprises)

"The Shades of Blue were excellent! Their show had so much energy and the audience could not get enough of them. I'm having them back next year."
Bruce Marshall
Real Oldies 1250
Moments to Remember Cruises

"I really enjoyed The Shades of Blue show. Their rendition of Danny Boy gave me goose bumps. I asked them to back me up on Human when I performed and I would like to write something for these gentlemen."
Tommy Hunt
Original Flamingos

"I truly enjoyed The Shades of Blue performance! They put on an exciting show!"
Beverly Lindsay Johnson
Kendall Productions

"The Shades of Blue are without a doubt one of the most talented groups on the scene today. I had the honor of presenting them on board the Imagination cruise ship in December and they rocked the boat. Great stage presence!"
Gus D Oldie

"The Shades of Blue put on a perfect show!"
Pete Matropaolo
LAR Enterprises Production Coordinator

"The Shades of Blue were fantastic"
Johnny Maestro
Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge

"These guys had so much soul. It's very rare when all the members in the group have the ability to sing lead. I stood up after every song they performed."
Terry and Teresa Johnson
The Flamingos

"Almost every show I have seen there has always been a few people who get up to use the restroom or to take a smoke break etc... During the entire Shades of Blue set nobody in the room left their seat. A terrific performance!
Sheryl Myman
President of All About Cruises/Cruisin Concerts at Sea

I did not even know the Shades of Blue were still around. They sounded great."
Tommy Mara
The Crests

"I've been on the same show as Shades of Blue before but I never had the chance to watch their set. They were very good. I was impressed with their entire performance."
Steve Horn
Legends of Doo Wop

"In 1966 The Shades of Blue came out with their #1 hit, Oh How Happy. In 2005 Greektown Casino is Oh How Happy to have them performing at the Apollo Lounge. They bring back the memories of yesterday with their charisma, harmonies and stage presence."
Anthony Wilson
Greektown Entertainment Director

"The Shades of Blue are one of the best vocal groups in the bizz"!
Wilber Fletcher
CEO & President
WLF Productions

"Simply outstanding vocal harmony"
Bruce Morrow ….Aka - Cousin Brucie
Legendary New York Oldies Radio Personality

"Unbelievable, fantastic entertainers"
Norm N. Nite
Legendary New York Oldies Radio Host

"The Shades of Blue are one of my all time favorite acts. Their performance kicks ASS!"
Henry Farag
Canterbury Productions

"The Shades of Blue" put on a wonderful night of entertainment. Their performance was uplifting and exhilarating."
Irene & Dimitri Kopaliani

"When it comes to great vocal group harmony and a rollicking good musical time, The Shades of Blue are a great choice. They turn every show into a good old house party."
Terry Stewart
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

"The Shades of Blue took me back to the most wonderful time in my life! I love the 60's and I love The Shades of Blue. They are one of the best musical groups from yesterday and today."
Toni Genitti
Genitti's Hole-In-The Wall (Dinner & Doo Wop)

The Shades Of Blue